24-08-2017, 20:52

"I just wanted to let you know that although the collars I received are beautiful, unfortunately they didn't prevent fleas invading my dogs. One of them is a Pomeranian who normally is the "flea bag" however last month even my short-haired dog got fleas...for the first time in his nine years. Both dogs are kept strictly indoors at all times, and they're never anywhere outdoors other than on the lana`i ("patio" in Hawai`ian) I've continued to let my dachshund-mix wear his collar simply because it looks so nice with his brown coat. I still love the amber jewelry on your website & am going to browse anyway."


29-07-2017, 18:05

"Is there a way to view pictures of the bead and buckle options? I don't see any place on the website....unless I missed it. "


03-06-2017, 15:25

"Very pleased with he collars, been using them for several months, just I wash it from time to time with dish washer to remove grease "


26-05-2017, 16:19

"Do u have break away collars for cats"


15-05-2017, 11:37

"I cannot wait to gift this to my nephew's new dog."


07-04-2017, 21:12

"Ever since my dog started wearing ambertick collar I have caught three ticks crawling on her fur. Surprisingly not a single tick has bitten our beloved Betsy. Amazing! I am still monitoring closely. I will update. "


20-03-2017, 07:32

"We tried ambertick collars on our dogs and I am very happy with the results. I want to place a new order, but I cannot find the same brown leather straps. Can you make one collar with brown leather?"


18-02-2017, 17:56

"beautiful :) thank you :)"


26-01-2017, 07:47

"I can't find a right match, it shows that the item is out of stock. Could you help me?"


20-01-2017, 10:21

i want to cancell order ID:ambertick-1944
Because i want to change another collars"

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