04-12-2015, 17:48

"My dog looks just lovely, I hope it will keep it safe as well. Quick shipment as well."


04-11-2015, 08:22

"Looks great on my doggy. Shipped on time. Next time I would order the one with a breakaway clasp. I think standard one is not safe if it gets caught on something but I love it otherwise. "


20-07-2015, 17:40

"Dear Palani, please wash amber pieces with dish washer - you have to remove grease from the surface of the beads. Then it will work fine as it used to."


19-07-2015, 18:15

"The collar worked good for 22 months but now my dog has got ticks all over the neck. Im suprised to see that. What should I do to make it more powerful. I even washed it with plain water.."


13-07-2015, 10:27

"I am happy with the service and a product. Gracias!"


26-06-2015, 16:58

"Truly great thing! Although it took some time for my Pug Boomer to get used to wearing ambertick, now it doesn't even notice the collar. No ticks ever since. Cool!"


09-06-2015, 09:42

"If 2-3cm longer than it would be more comfortable for our cat. But it's alright:)"


04-05-2015, 10:44

"Very fast shipping. Used it for one day so not long enough to know if it helps with ticks just yet, but it is very pretty and my dog doesn't even notice wearing it. Received fast reply to my questions as well. Very pleased. "


14-04-2015, 11:35

"Where could I post a picture of my girl wearing ambertick? She looks adorable!! wish you could see that"


10-03-2015, 10:33

"Awesome! since started wearing the necklace, my Gigi has never been bitten by any parasite. Thank you!"

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